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Weekly Radio Updates

The "Healthy People, Healthy Finances, and Healthy Relationships" segments on WTNS 99.3 FM Radio. Emily Marrison, FCS Educator, Coshocton County, shares about relevant topics and programs for healthy living.

Listen live at every Monday between 12:30 and 12:45 pm or click on recordings below to listen:

Communication Lines / Talk Show Episode September 22, 2022 - Emily Marrison talks with Mike Bechtol about Food Preservation

Communication Lines / Talk Show Episode November 30, 2021 - Emily Marrison talks with Mike Bechtol about Food Safety and Date Labeling


2/12 "Food Business Central Online Course" (Script)

2/5 "Food Waste" (Script)


1/29 "Sheet Pan Meals" (Script)

1/22 "Tax Scams" (Script)

1/15 "Muscle Loss in Aging" (Script)

1/8 "Active Outdoors in Winter" (Script)


12/18 "Artificial Intelligence and Kids" (Script)

12/11 "Inflammation" (Script)

12/4 "Safe Toys" (Script)


11/20 "Turkey and Recipes" (Script)

11/13 - Emily was on the Communication Lines Talk Show with Mike Bechtol (no recording available)

11/6 "Diabetes" (Script)


10/30 "Gratitude" (Script)

10/23 "Teen Talk" (Script)

10/16 "Reverse Mortgage" (Script)

10/9 "Soup Weather" (Script)


9/25 "Blood Cancer Awareness" (Script)

9/4 "Debt to Income" (Script)


8/21 "Food Preservation Q&A" (Script)

8/14 "Portion Size and Exercise" (Script)

8/7 "Breastfeeding" (Script)

JuLY 2023 

"Today's GrandparentsScript

"Talk, Read, and PlayScript

"Giving" Script

June 2023 

"Dairy Recipes" Script

"Diabetes and Heat" Script

"Grilling Safety" Script

"Men's Health" Script

May 2023

"Sun Safe"  Script

"Passwords" Script

"Food Allergies" Script

"Freezer" Script

April 2023

"Health Insurance" Script

"IBS Awareness" Script

"Parenting Teens" Script

"Scams" Script

march 2023 

"Cooking for 1 or 2" Script 

"Selling Meat and Eggs" Script

"Tax Refund" Script

February 2023   

"Low Vision" Script

"Body Image" Script

"Credit Card Debt" Script

"Healthy Snacks with Diabetes" Script

January 2023

"One Word" Script

"Winter Weather" Script

"Meal Planning" Script

"Farm Family Finances" Script

december 2022

"Coronasomnia" Script

"Poverty" Script

November 2022

"Diabetes Awareness" Script

"Decluttering" Script

"Turkey Time" Script

"Frugal Fashion" Script

October 2022

"Handwashing" Script

"Cost of Living" Script

"Home Maintenance" Script

"Peer to peer (P2P) payment services" Script

September 2022

"Melons" Script

"Finances in Appalachia" Script  

Templates to help you express last and most important thoughts to your loved ones

"Bucket Lists" Script

"Sweet Potatoes" Script

August 2022

"Stop Breathe Talk" Script

"Plastic Packaging" Script

"Parenting" Script

"Celebrate Your Plate" Script

"Packing Lunch" Script

July 2022

"Flavored Water" Script

"Canning Old Family Recipes" Script

"Brain Health" Script

"Shoe Box or Safety Deposit Box" Script

June 2022

"National Safety Month" Script

"Little Changes for Health" Script

"Creative Ways to Eat Your Greens" Script

"Youthful Money Lessons" Script

May 2022

"Lyme Disease Awareness" Script

"Kitchen Gadgets" Script

"Quality Time with Teens" Script

"Getting Kids More Active" Script

April 2022

"Grocery Store Walk" Script

"Parenting Stages" Script

"Saving Strategies" Script

March 2022

"World of Flavors" Script

"Stretch Food Dollars" Script

"Selling Food You Make at Home" Script

"Electric Multi-Cookers (Instant Pots)" Script

February 2022

"Food Labels" Script

"Youth Development" Script

"Journaling" Script

"Bone Health" Script

January 2022

"Building Credit" Script

"Food and Nutrition Trends for 2022" Script

"Fiber, Unsung Nutritional Hero!" Script

"Kitchen Appliance Maintenance" Script

"Grandfathers" Script

december 2021

"Helping Children with Worry" Script

"Focus on More, Not Less" Script

"Looking Back at 2021 and Ahead to 2022" Script


"Should I Throw It Out?" Script

"Prediabetes/ diabetes awareness" Script

"Do It Yourself Projects" Script

"Make Your Own Stock" Script

"Stop Overshopping" Script

October 2021

"National Cookbook Month" Script

"Volunteering" Script

'Fun" Script

"Crock-tober Fest" Script

September 2021

"Food Safety" Script 

“Doing the Things Which Will Count" Script

"Household Cleaners" Script

"Falls Prevention" Script

August 2021

"Parents Teach Financial Wellbeing" Script

"Canning Do's and Don'ts" Script

"Hydration" Script

"Children Vision" Script

"Financial Terms" Script

July 2021

"UV Protection" Script

"Generation RX" Script

"Peaches" Script

June 2021

"Child Tax Credit" Script

"Consumers Reduce, Reuse, RecycleScript

"Buy Now Pay Later (Point of Sale Loans)" - Live program not recorded Script

May 2021

"Gardening and Food Preservation" Script

"Overscheduling Kids During Summer" Script

"Asparagus" Script

"Student Finances" Script

"Arthritis Awareness" Script 

April 2021

"Refrigerators and Food Waste" Script

"Time Management" Script 

"Eating Disorders"  Script

"Life Transitions"  Script

March 2021

"Scams"  Script

"Child Tax Credit"  Script

"Nutrition Month: Personalize Your Plate" Script

"Ant and Grasshopper" Script

February 2021

"Credit Cards"  Script

"Stand Up for Heart Health"  Script

"Connecting in Marriage" Script

"Cooking with Cast Iron"  Script

January 2021

"Credit Cards"  Script

"Heart Health"  Script

"Advance Directives"  Script

"Money Saving Tips"  Script

December 2020

"One Word for 2021"  Script

"Season's Readings"  Script

"Health and Wealth Conversions"  Script

"Making Jerky"  Script 

November 2020

"Holidays with Family Living with Alzheimer's"   Script

"Cranberries" Script

"Cooking Thanksgiving Turkey"   Script

"Holiday Budgeting"  Script

"Youth With Diabetes"  Script

October 2020

"Time Change and Winter Blues"  Script

"World Hunger"  Script

"Apples"  Script 

"County Fair Memories"  Script 

September 2020

"Happiness"  Script

"Deferred Payroll Taxes"  Script 

"What to Expect From Kids of Different Ages" Script

"Falls Prevention Month Script

August 2020

"Spending Trends"    Script

"Canning Lid Shortage Script

"Preserving Herbs"  Script

"Pace and Stress"  Script

"How Are You Sleeping?"  Script

July 2020

"Making Pickles and Dry Canning"  Script

"Financial Hope Chest and Food Preservation Updates"    Script

"Summer Heat for People with Diabetes"   Script

"Are Video Games OK?"   Script 

June 2020

"Nutrition of Cow's Milk and Milk Alternatives"    Script

"Anti-Inflammatory Lifestyle"   Script

"Food Safety During a Power Outage Script

"What Parents Should Know About Teens and Screens"  Script

"Helping Young People to Cope with Loss and Disappointment"   Script

May 2020

"Sun Safety"   Script

"Is Intermittent Fasting Right for Me?"    Script

"Unplugging from the Digital World  Script

"Caregiver Challenges"     Script

April 2020

"What to do with Your Stimulus Check"       Script

"Coparenting Tips During Stay at Home Orders"   Script

"Emotional Eating"    Script

"Food Safety During COVID-19"   Script

March 2020

"Clutter and Organizing Tips"   Script

"Financial Resources During COVID-19"    Script

"Looking for the Positive"   Script

"National Nutrition Month"   Script   Script Continued 

February 2020

"Clutter and Procrastination"    Script

"Random Acts of Kindness"  Script

"Developmental Assets"     Script

"How are you Doing with your News Years Resolution?"  Script

January 2020

“Risk for obesity and upcoming programs: Dining with Diabetes, Declutter Your Life, Who Gets Grandma’s Yellow Pie Plate?”   Script

 "Caring for Dry Skin"   Script

"Good Sleep Habits"  Script