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FCS/Special Interest Project Evaluation Information


This year due to COVID and increasing challenges with trying to hold a face-to-face event, we are offering two options to complete FCS and Special Interest projects.


1. Have your project judged by an approved 4-H Volunteer - this can be within your own club (just not your own parent). You will use this In Club Evaluation FormThese forms will need returned to the Extension Office and your project will be marked as complete. You will not be eligible for any county awards using this method, but you will have your project marked as complete and get your credit for the year. 


2. You can turn your project materials in to the OSU Extension Office between July 27th-August 7th (8am-5pm). Judges will then come judge these projects at a later date and place them for county awards and county plaques. To complete your project this way, you need to turn in the following items all together:

  • Completed Project Book
  • Completed Interview Sheet
  • Supporting materials to show project work as listed in project guidelines (ex. portfolio for food projects, item, display, or educationa poster for other projects.) 

Be very clear in details on your interview sheet and your materials. Since there is no face-to-face judging you want to make sure the judge clearly understands what you did for your project. We will be limited to space in our office, so if your project item is larger than 3'X3' please take clear pictures of your project to submit rather than the actual item. 


Project completion and Fair Requirements can be found here