Junior Fair Entries

Beef Dairy Dog Goat
Horse Llama Poultry Rabbit
Sheep Small Animal Swine  

Beef Dairy Dog Goat Horse
Poultry Rabbit Sheep Small Animals Swine

2020 Animal Project Requirements and Guidelines

2020 Junior Fair Rule Changes

2020 Quality Assurance Dates in Coshocton County:

March 17, 7:00pm- 9:00pm, Coshocton Tabernacle

April 18, 9:00am- 11:00am, Coshocton Tabernacle

May 21, 7:00pm- 9:00pm, Coshocton Tabernacle

Jr. Fair Director: Ron Seitz


Representative: Scott Haines

  • Beef Packet given out at Quality Assurance
  • Market Steer Tag-in and Weigh-in is February 1, 8:00am- 9:00am ,Fairgrounds
  • Clinic
  • Feeder Calf Tag-
  • Evaluation & Skillathon
  • Beef Hoof Trimming 
  • Market Steer & Feeder Calf Weigh-in 
  • Feeder Calf, Market Beef & Breeding Beef Show 


Representatives: Ro Yoder, Vikki McGinnis, Missy Kinzel

  • Dairy Packet given out at Quality Assurance
  • Clinic is 
  • Evaluation & Skillathon 
  • Dairy Show


Representative: Angela Wright


Representative: Analea Smith

  • Goat Packet given out at Quality Assurance
  • Clinic 
  • Tag-in 
  • Evaluation & Skillathon 
  • Preview Show
  • Weigh-in 
  • Goat Show


Representative: D Woodward Wells

  • Mandatory Check-in
  • State Fair
  • Evaluation & Skillathon
  • Horse Show
  • Horse Show Bill


Representative: Jean Haumschild

  • Clinic 
  • Llama lease ownership papers 
  • Evaluation & Skillathon
  • Llama Show 


Representative: Jacque Woodward


Representative: Andrea Powelson

  • Rabbit Breeders
  • Rabbit Packet given at Quality Assurance
  • Must own breeding rabbit 
  • Clinic is 
  • Evaluation & Skillathon 
  • Market Rabbit must be owned by TBA
  • Market Rabbit tattooing 
  • Rabbit Fryer weigh-in 
  • Rabbit Show 
  • Rabbits are released


Representative: Nancy Wells

  • Sheep Packet given out at Quality Assurance
  • Market Lamb tag-in 
  • Clinic 
  • Evaluation & Skillathon
  • Weigh-in 
  • Sheep Show 
  • Lead Class 

Small Animals (cats, pocket pets, cavy, etc.)

Representative: Angela Wright


Representative: Stephanie Snyder

  • Swine Packet given at Quality Assurance
  • Clinic 
  • Market Hog tag-in 
  • Evaluation & Skillathon 
  • Market Hog weigh-in 
  • Market Hog Show