November 4, 2015 - 3:16pm -- rogers.376

It's about time to get a new Farm Account Book! Or maybe you're looking for an updated Home Canning Guide?  Want to learn more about mushrooms or salamanders in Ohio? OSU Extension is a wealth of information and publications can make a great gift! We have updated our price list and have publications available in the following topics: agriculture, farm account books, fruit, home canning, horticulture, livestock, natural resources, plat books and vegetables.

Ohio State University Extension also has many free publications available in an electronic format. To find University and Extension research-based fact sheets, simply type what you are looking for into your Internet browser and add “university extension” to the end. Example: grape production university extension. This will find research-based materials on grape production. You can also add “Ohio State” if you just want publications from OSU.

Please contact the OSU Extenison Office at 740-622-2265 to see what's available.