March 20, 2020 - 12:57pm --

OSU Extension has compiled "COVID-19 - A Financial Resource Guide" to help you sort through resources that are applicable to us in Ohio. It features Individual Resources, Employee Resources, Small Business Resources, Available Ohio Food Access Options, Financial Wellness Resources & Consumer Protection, and Finding Local Resources.

Another reliable source of information is Resources for Economic Support on the Ohio Department of Health website

Other resources:

University of Wisconsin-Madison Division of Extension (2020) Managing Your Personal Finances in Tough Times

University of Wisconsin-Madison Division of Extension (2020) Financial Resources to Help Get Through COVID-19 

Olive, P. University of Wisconsin-Madison Division of Extension. (March 2020) Dealing with a Drop in Income

Park, E. and Nelson, P.T., Surviving A Family Crisis. (2012) (Ed) Families Matter! A Newsletter Series for Parents of School-Age Youth. Newark, DE: Cooperative Extension, University of Delaware.  

University of Maryland Extension (2013) Helping Your Child Become Money Smart. Factsheet FS-962.    

America Saves - Where to Get Financial Help During the COVID-19 Crisis


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