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  1. JL’s made 14 tie blankets to donate to Job and Family Services Foster Care Program

    Nov. 18, 2021

    The Junior Leadership 4-H Club met on Monday, November 8th at the County Services Building. A business meeting was held to discuss donating to the Christmas Castle and the upcoming trip to Snow Trails. The remainder of the meeting the JL’s made 14 tie blankets to donate to Job and Family Services Foster Care Program. Along with the tie blankets the JL’s also included a tooth brush kit and an note of encouragement. The next Junior Leader meeting is planned in mid-December to shop for the Christmas Castle

  2. “Play Your Way Through the Holidays” Email Wellness Challenge

    Oct. 21, 2021

    “Play Your Way Through the Holidays” Email Wellness Challenge 

     Does the holiday season stress you out instead of making you smile? Do you feel like you don’t have time to spend doing the important things? Join Ohio State University Extension for the “Play Your Way Through the Holidays” 6-week email wellness challenge to learn more about these and other wellness topics. 

     The email challenge connects...

  3. 2021 Carcass Show Results

    Oct. 14, 2021

    2021 Carcass Show Results

  4. Generation Rx

    Aug. 10, 2021

    Beginning in 2009, the College of Pharmacy at The Ohio State University and the Cardinal Health Foundation partnered to provide open-source educational materials that anyone can use to help prevent the misuse of prescription drugs. They call this program “Generation Rx,” in response to the 2007 book by the same title written by Greg Critser.

  5. 2021 Beef Quality Assurance Re-certification Trainings for Livestock Producers

    Jul. 23, 2021

    2021 Beef Quality Assurance Re-certification Trainings for Livestock Producers Call our office to register for one of the training sessions, 740-622-2265 Trainings will all be held in the Coshocton County Services Building, 724 S 7th Street, ROom 110, from 7:00-8:30pm July 12 August 9 September 11 November 3 December 1 December 14
  6. Dining with Diabetes Virtual Cooking Demonstrations

    Jul. 07, 2020

    Join Ohio State University Extension educator Emily Marrison virtually from her home kitchen each Tuesday evening in July at 7:00 PM. Learn a new diabetes friendly recipe and get some helpful tips for managing diabetes well.
    Recipes include:
    July 7 – Dining with Diabetes “Zucchini, Carrots, and Basil

  7. USDA Summer Food Service Program

    Jun. 18, 2020

    The USDA Summer Food Service Program (SFSP) was established to fill the gap when children lose access to meals when schools are closed. Most often this occurs during summer vacation. However, during school closures related to the pandemic, meals are also being made available. You have the opportunity to supplement the food you have at home with meals and snacks for your children from local schools and community organizations. In an effort to maintain social distancing, USDA has made temporary changes that allow parents or guardians to pick up meals and take them home for their children...

  8. Common Mullein- Mother Nature's Answer to our Toilet Paper Shortage?

    Apr. 10, 2020

    When the news broke that we would need to retreat to our homes due to Coronavirus-19, the run on milk, eggs, bread and toilet paper began at our local grocery stores.  I have been especially fascinated by the hoarding of toilet paper.  Every time I have been out to get food and supplies, the toilet paper shelves have been completely bare. 

    As my wife Emily and I were out taking a Sunday evening walk, I noticed along the ditches some green, soft-looking plants which appeared to be the lambs-ear plant, with which many of us are familiar.  After closer inspection, the plant we were...

  9. COVID-19 and Food Safety

    Apr. 01, 2020

    If you have questions about food safety in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, here are some reliable resources:

    Ohio State University Extension:

       Food safety expert shares how to protect yourself - Sanja Ilic, OSU Extension Food Safety State Specialist - March 30, 2020

  10. COVID-19 - Financial Resources and Assistance

    Mar. 20, 2020

    Do you have a financial question? Our county-based Family and Consumer Sciences Extension financial educators are offering FREE financial education to assist families in improving both present and future economic well-being. Participants may submit anonymous questions, and a professional will respond via email within 72 hours!

    To submit a question, visit